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The Course Design and Structure

  Strongly Disagree Neutral Strongly Agree
The objectives of the course are clear 
The course is well-structured 
The practical part of the content is supported well with relevant examples 
Links with relevant disciplines (Engineering and non-engineering) is clear 
Lecture and non-lecture content is well integrated 

Workload and Content

  Strongly Disagree Neutral Strongly Agree
The workload of the course is appropriate for the assigned credit hours. 
I am confident that the subject content of the course is up-to-date 
Prerequisites to take the course are appropriate 
There is not overlap with other courses in the program 


  Strongly Disagree Neutral Strongly Agree
Handouts are effectively designed to complement each lecture 
The teaching resources (textbooks, handouts, and Web resources) are appropriate for the course 
Reading lists and references are linked to reading resources that are readily available 


  Strongly Disagree Neutral Strongly Agree
The instructor times the presentation of lectures effectively 
The topics covered are explained well 
The use of teaching aids and media is appropriate 
The instructor displayed a good knowledge of the subjects covered 
The instructor motivates my interest in the subject. 
The instructor communicates the material effectively 
The instructor is easily approachable following the lecture to answer questions (for example, personally or via email) 

Overall Quality

  Strongly Disagree Neutral Strongly Agree
I would recommend this course to other students 
The course has motivated me to continue exploring the subject area 
There is a positive atmosphere of ‘learning together’ in the lectures 
This course is important for my career 
The physical teaching and learning environment (lecture rooms, laboratories etc.) were of high quality 
The course has significantly increased my knowledge in the subject area 
I am confident that I can apply what I have learned in the course 
Examination standards were made clear in the lecture. 
I was well-motivated to attend all lectures and activities on this course 
Working and learning collaboratively in groups was actively encouraged 


  Totally Disagree  Totally Agree
The quality of the course is high. 
I think that I have increased my knowledge through the lecture considerably. 
I think I can apply what I have learned in the lecture. 
Examination standards were made clear in the lecture. 
I assimilated the subject matter of this course mainly through the 1 = attending lecture 2 = attending exercises, 3 = reading script/ other handouts for the lecture, 4 = reading literature, 5 = working in learning group 

What recommendations would you make to further improve the course?


What aspects of this course were most useful for you?


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