Mutah University
Mutah University is a public institution established in 1981 in the southern part of Jordan to qualify graduate for local and national market. It has twelve faculties of different disciplines, with a the total number of students at 18000 and it offers Bachelor, Master and PhD programs . The faculty of Engineering has 5 departments including 13 different programs with a total number of students around 3000 and 90 faculty members, mostly PhD holders. The department of Mechanical Engineering is in the process of offering a Master degree programme in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, which is supported by Tempus. Website.
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Handri Ammari
Professor Handri Ammari has obtained his BSc. in Mechanical Engineering in 1975 and his PhD. in 1989 from Nottingham University, England. He has been since working as a member of staff in the Faculty of Engineering at Mu’tah University (MU), where he has taught many courses at both graduate and undergraduate levels, and supervised many MSc. students. In addition, he had held many administrative and technical positions, including Head of Department of MEng., Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Chairman of the Energy Committee at the Scientific Research Support Fund in The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and currently a member of the scientific committee at MU. Further, Professor Ammari is a co-chair since 1998 of the Jordan National Committee of the International Institute of Refrigeration based in Paris, France. His area of research involves renewable energy, utilization of oil shale, modified refrigeration cycles, and heat transfer on gas turbine blades.
Hussein Al-Majali
Prof. H. D. Al-Majali was born in Al-Karak, Jordan in 1958. He received the B.C degree in electrical engineering from Damascus University, Syria in 1982 and the Ph.D degree from Bradford University, U.K, in 1991. He now works at Mutah University, Department of electrical engineering. Research interests in the field of power electronics, drive machines and renewable energy.