IGFoton Ingenieros S.L. Company
The IGFOTON group operates across different companies with a wide range of energy services and products, and is particularly specialized in solar energy designs and products, including methods of measurement which would allow architectural integration and aesthetic progress of devices, optimizing their power efficiency. IGFOTON offer solutions for energy savings and efficiency by reduction of business, enterprises and Public institutions energy costs. The enterprise has the human and technical resources, as well as experience, for being a reference in training of professionals. IGFoton gives the chance for new businessmen, helping their access to the market. Website.
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Rafael Jiménez
Rafael Jiménez Castañeda is a professor of Cadiz University, and R&D project consultant in IGFOTON.  He is cofounder of IGFOTON group. He is also coordinator of the solar labs of the Cadiz University and has a lot of experience in solar plant design, specially PV plants, and works in different R&D project in IGFOTON and with different universities in Spain, Guatemala and Panamá in solar applications (PV and low temperature solar installations) and monitoring PV plants for its optimization. Now is the coordinator of different educational programs in renewable energies.
Javier Leal Juárez
Javier Leal Juárez is the Technical Director of IGFOTON group. He has a lot of experience in commercial project management, works direction especially in thermal application for a home application or installations for thermal in low temperature applications as hotels, hospitals, etc. He participate in different specialized courses in renewable energies, for professionals and other companies.
Javier Iglesias Calvo
Javier Iglesias Calvo is the Commercial Manager of a IGFOTON group.  His  competencies are in financing projects in solar installations, viability plans for a news solar installations, marketing strategies in the solar market and budgeting for solar projects.
Celia Mañueco Gómez-Inguanzo
Celia Mañueco Gómez-Inguanzo is the President of IGFOTON group. She has a great experience in human resource management, and coaching for executive in small companies. She participate in different courses about job search adviser for employee. This matter is very important for professional life of students.